Isn’t it so difficult to imagine the time where the fax was considered to be highly-sophisticated and papers were the only option you could reach to someone who is not around? If you have lived that life, you must be enjoying these days due to the availability of emails. Nowadays, emails have become a significant part of our lives which have revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with each other. It is not something which should be taken for granted that we can communicate with anybody in this world within seconds just for the price of a data connection. Thanks for email that we can connect with our friends, family, and friends more conveniently and quickly. Emails are not just about sending and receiving messages, but you can also include images, links, as well as attachments of any type. Imagine that you are on a holiday trip and you are willing to send photos to your friends, emails allow you to do so as you can access it from any location. By using emails, you can reach out to a large number of people at one time; you can send the same message to different people, etc. Today, everybody has more than one email account registered with their name, whether it be on Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. If you encounter any problems at the time of registering the email account or if you need to get some information, you can get in touch with experts at Email customer service, and they will let you know the best ways to resolve any issues.


The email service, which is provided by Google is Gmail which can be accessed by using the web and any third-party application. It has the feature of sharing file more than 25 MB through Google Drive. It is one of the widely sued email service, which is utilized for all kinds of communication, personal or professionals.


Microsoft has provided the web-based suite of tools by using Outlook. This mail is having the user-friendly interface and also have the feature of recovering the deleted emails. You can efficiently work on Skype and Outlook Calendar too by using this email. Format: or

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is one of the most used web portal and search engine which was launched back in 1994. Yahoo Email is known to have brilliant features which attract people toward using this email for sending and receiving personal as well as professional email. Email Address format -

Zoho Mail

For small or home-based businesses, Zoho Mail is the perfect email service which can be used for personal as well as business communication. You can easily migrate from G Suite or Office 365 to Zoho Mail by using Zoho migration tool. Email Address format -

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is the email service launched by AOL Inc. But in 2015, Verizon acquired AOL because of this AOL Mail is called as AIM Mail. There is a large number of themes from which you can choose, and it is one the free provider of email service which has a spell check feature too. Address format-,

One of the free email service in which you can select any domain name from theist of 200 names. It is having mind-boggling features like spam blocker and virus protection. You can enjoy the feature of integration Facebook, unlimited storage and mail collector, online storage, etc.

Proton Mail

In the year 2014, ProtonMail was launched, which can be used by all kind of enterprises, be it small and large. This email is known for its fantastic feature of email encryption and various other advanced features like email expiration, autoresponder, etc. Email format - or

GMX Mail

GMX Mail is one of the free email services which is used for both personal and professional purpose. It offers a reliable feature of spam filtering along with high file-sharing capacity. One can even select the duration to which they want to store their relevant emails. Format - or

iCloud Mail

One of the best email service provider for Mac users is iCloud which was launched in 2011. It is known for offering large cloud storage capacity and suitable file sharing capability. One can easily set up this email and even can be only used in Apple devices. Email address format -

Yandex. Mail

Yandex was one of the popular web crawlers, but in the year 2001 Yandex email service was launched. This email service offers excellent options for security and also has various amazing features like customizable interface, timer, and easy access to all the Yandex services. Format -


Emails have been regarded as a great medium to communicate with your friends and family. You must be wondering about the advantages of emails in today’s world. Although each email service provider has its own unique features, you can have a look at some general characteristics of emails which have made our lives comparatively easier:

  • You can operate your email account in all the devices, whether it be Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop, etc.
  • It can easily get configured with third-party desktop email applications, such as Outlook.
  • You can use customized themes and templates to make it more personalized
  • Users don’t need to manually correct spellings due to the auto-correct feature
  • Emails not only allow you to send and receive messages but you can also attach files and folders up to 25 MB
  • You can also add your signature to get a more professional effect
  • Emails do have a vast storage capacity because of which you rarely need to delete old messages
  • You can add email addresses to your contacts
  • Emails provide you with maximum spam and virus protection.
  • You can resize the control panel according to your choice

These are a few features of emails which help you get a smoother experience while communicating with your friends, family, business associates, etc. These features are the primary reasons why emails are considered to be the best way using which you can interact with people in the far end.


Have a look at some pros and cons of emails as mentioned below to know how to use the emails effectively:

  • With the help of email, we get free from managing vast chunks of data. You can send and receive emails, manage your contacts, maintain your mailing history, etc.
  • Emails are friendly with the environment as it stops trees from getting axed and saves fuel which is used in transportation
  • Your message can be delivered within a few seconds to any part of the globe
  • Emails make the process of communication informal and simpler
  • You get enough space to store your data and manage them effectively
  • You can send huge chunks of data in a single mail using the attachment feature
  • Emails can be used by marketers to advertise their products
  • The expenses are way too cheaper in an email if you compare it with traditional mailing services
  • The email account you have can be easily accessed on any device
  • Unwanted advertisements act as spam when you use any email service
  • Hacking is a major threat to any email service as your personal information gets leaked
  • Due to a large number of accommodated emails, there are times when some emails get unnoticed
  • Viruses can be transmitted through email, which gradually affects your system
  • At times, it becomes difficult for users to manage huge chunks of emails
  • Many people miss the personal touch when they use email
  • There is a great chance of misinterpretation
  • The recipient may lose interest if the mail is too long

You can go through the above lists of pros and cons of emails. These are the two sides of email no matter which email service provider you prefer to use.


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